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Question Objection Form

Dear Students,  

After each committee exam, exam questions and determined answers will be presented temporarily. Please download and fill the "QUESTION OBJECTION FORM FOR ONLINE COMMITTEE EXAMS" form to propose your objections for the questions presumed as either the determined answer is wrong (so that you can demand for a change in determined answer), or that there is no one true answer for that question (so that you can demand for cancellation). Please make sure to specify the “Discipline" first then to fill in the “Objection number", “Question number", “Demand" and finally “Reason" sections.  

We encourage you to work as a group for question objections and prepare a uniform objection as a class that represents all views. You can create working groups to deliver question objections from individuals and to form the unified lists. Then representatives for each grade can send the objection form to our email dedicated for committee exams. The contact email is  

You will have 2 working days that follows the presentation of the right answers of the committee exam. 


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