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Campus Life

EMU is pleased to offer a complete education experience on a magnificent campus, with a modern library, modern classrooms, computer laboratories with highly efficient computer and internet connections, research labs, research centers, dormitories, student activity center, student clubs, sport complexes, cafeterias and restaurants. Two table d’hot´e restaurants in campus offer 4 different meals for lunch and dinner at a discount price to students. The campus also offers bookstore, health center, Psycological Guidance And Reserach Center, post office, local banks and ATMs (i.e. HSBC), laundry services, Internet cafes, etc.

Life at EMU is fun. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and may join a broad range of social and cultural events in the university. There are numerous student clubs and societies at EMU for a wide range of activities including tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, handball, cricket, climbing, chess, ceramics, journalism, art, science and culture, literature, folklore, drama and animation, music, cinema, photography and many more. Also, every year EMU organizes a week-long International ‘Spring Festival’ which includes all kinds of social, cultural and sport activities. Moreover, the student cinema club holds film shows every week. The EMU Radio and TV station is run by students, and broadcasts musical and cultural programs.