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Campus Life

Campus, Famagusta and North Cyprus | Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Cyprus

Campus Life

Besides the courses, the campus provides a rich social environment for the enjoyment of extra-curricular student life.

At Eastern Mediterranean University, intensive work is being done to create a rich social environment as well as the enjoyment of extracurricular student life. Students take part in a variety of activities and benefit from the social and cultural opportunities offered by the university and the community.


Famagusta is the second largest city in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). It is a town rich in history, culture and education.

The town offers a wide selection of shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes visited by a large student population. The EMU campus is only 3 km. from the town center, and this means the university is within walking distance of the town.


Established in the 3rd century BC by I. Ptolemy in the name of "Arsinoe", Famagusta city became one of the important port, tourism and university education centers today.

Şehir ilk olarak MÖ 3. yüzyılda I. Ptoleme tarafından "Arsinoe" adıyla kurulmuştur. MS 647/648 yıllarında Salamis'in Araplar tarafından yağmalanması sonucu şehre buradan gelen göçmenler yerleşti. 1291 yılında Haçlı Seferleri sırasında Akka alınınca oradan göç edenler şehre yerleşti. Halkla birlikte tüccarların da gelmesi sonucu şehir zenginleşip önem kazandı ve Gazimağusa Limanı sayesinde bir ticaret merkezi konumuna geldi. Lüzinyanlar döneminde Kudüs'ü de yöneten Lüzinyan kralları 1372'ye kadar Mağusa'daki St. Nikolas Katedrali'nde taç giydi. Bu dönemde şehirde pek çok kilise inşa edildi. 1372'de Cenevizliler şehri ele geçirmiş, şehir yapılan anlaşma gereği 1469'a kadar Ceneviz yönetiminde kalmış ve daha sonra Lüzinyanlara geri verilmiştir. Ceneviz döneminde bir askeri bölge olarak kullanılan şehir ticaret merkezi olma özelliğini yitirmiştir.

Türklere kadar Roma ve Doğu Roma İmparatorluklarının, Latinlerin ve Venediklilerin eline geçen kale II. Selim dönemindeki (1566-1574) Kıbrıs Seferi sırasında 6 Ağustos 1571'de Türk birlikleri tarafından fethedildi. 1878'e dek Türk yönetiminde kalan kale Kıbrıs ile birlikte 1878 yılında İngiliz idaresine bırakıldı.

1960 yılında bağımsızlığını kazanan Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti'nin önemli turizm beldelerinden biri haline gelen Mağusa, 1974'te Kıbrıs Harekâtı sırasında Türk birliklerince ele geçirildi. Kent, 1975 yılında ilan edilen Kıbrıs Türk Federe Devleti ve 1983'te kurulan Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti'nin önemli liman, turizm ve üniversite eğitimi merkezlerinden biri haline geldi.

Scientific and Cultural Meetings

Distinguished scientists and well-known artists participate in organized scientific and cultural meetings, performances and concerts, both contributing to the social development of our students in line with their interests and coloring the campus life. Moreover, the activities organized for both the university and the Turkish Cypriot people bring vitality to the social life of the students as well as the students.

Advanced Infrastructure

EMU is pleased to offer a complete education experience on a magnificent campus, with a modern library, modern classrooms, computer laboratories with highly efficient computer and internet connections, research labs, research centers, dormitories, student activity center, student clubs, sport complexes, cafeterias and restaurants. Two table d’hot´e restaurants in campus offer 4 different meals for lunch and dinner at a discount price to students. The campus also offers bookstore, health center, Psycological Guidance And Reserach Center, post office, local banks and ATMs, laundry services, Internet cafes, etc.


Gazimağusa hosts many world famous artists' performances particularly on special occasions.

Eastern Mediterranean University organizes various social activities for the students at EMU and local people in cooperation with the Student Council. As well as providing opportunities for our students to spend their extra curricular time effectively, the Social and Cultural Activities Unit has a mission of turning our students into active, creative, social and self-confident individuals. In this respect, concerts, conferences, trips, camps, various sports tournaments, exhibitions and festivals are organized for the students.


Throughout the year, theatrical performances are held at the EMU Activity Center and the Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center.

Spring Festival

May is a fascinating month for all students at EMU since the Spring Fest organized annually by the Social and Cultural Affairs, Student Clubs, Student Council and the Student Activity Center creates a very relaxing atmosphere full of fun just before the spring term comes to an end.

Student clubs find the opportunity to promote their activities and put performances on stage ranging from acting to dancing, to singing, and the list goes on. The stands opened by students or by the locals attract a lot of people since they sell unique items.

The Spring Festival also hosts music groups, singers, academicians, journalists from abroad and many other cultural and social activities to have the students experience unforgettable moments and get the opportunity to meet diverse characters and enjoy new sensations.

Sea Turtles

There are a number of beaches along the northern coast where Loggerhead and Green turtles lay their eggs in the sand between June and October.

Sea, Sand and Sun

Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate, with mild winters from December to February, and a short autumn and spring.

Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate, with mild winters from December to February, and a short autumn and spring. Winters generally have six hours of bright sunshine. From May to mid-October very light clothing is all that you need.

Banking Hours for the Public: Commercial banks in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are of two kinds. There are banks which are branches of large organizations based in Turkey, and those which have branches only in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Transactions can be carried out in all leading currencies. The Central Bank of Northern Cyprus is responsible for the monetary, credit, and exchange policy, and acts as bankers to the government. Transaction hours are between 08:30am.-2pm. during summer. Also open from 3pm.-6pm. on Mondays and 08:30am.-5pm. during winter.

Cost of Living: Compared with most countries in Western Europe, the cost of living in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is low. Locally produced products or those produced in Turkey are generally cheaper than those grown or produced in Europe.

Security: Gazimağusa Police Headquarters is at the service of the community 24 hours a day.

Health Services: Gazimağusa State Hospital and Private Hospitals are open with their Emergency Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Transportation Airlines: There are two airlines which şy to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. These airlines provide regular daily sights, via Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and Antalya Airports in Turkey to Ercan Airport. The right lasts 70-75 min. from Istanbul or Izmir, 50 min. from Ankara, and 30 min. from Adana or Antalya. For information about timetables, prices and reservations, please contact the numbers below:

Airport: The only international airport, Ercan State Airport, is near Lefkoşa, the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It is only a 40 min. drive to Gazimağusa.

Boats (Ferries): There are regular ferry services from Girne and Gazimağusa to towns on the southern coast of Turkey, namely Mersin, Antalya and via Mersin to Syria, Lebanon and Israel.

Driving: Driving in North Cyprus is the most advisable form of transport as there are infrequent bus services to many of the more remote areas of the country, and bus services cease to operate after 5pm. The two-lane road connecting Gazimağusa to Lefkoşa and then to Girne gives drivers ease in driving, and the roads between major towns and villages are reasonably good; however, care should be taken especially in wet weather.

Car Rental: This service is available in all major towns and some hotels. A British or international driver’s license is required. Rental cars have red number plates.