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Committee Programs (Timetables)


1st Year Committee Coordinator  and Advisor Assist. Prof. Dr. Ergül Mutlu ALTUNDAĞ 
           ICS - I 
           Elective Courses

2nd Year Committee Coordinator and Advisor  Assist.Prof.Dr. Masoud AFSHANI
3rd Year Committee Coordinator  and Advisor Assist.Prof. Dr. İlke Çetin AKÇAY 
           Elective Courses

4th Year Committee Coordinator Inst.Dr. Berfu Çerçi ÖNGÜN
2. Musculoskeletal System Health and Related Disorders Clerkship Program
3. Sensory System Health and Related Disorders Clerkship Program
5. Internal Medicine Block Program

5th Year Committee Coordinator  Inst. Dr. Berfu Çerçi ÖNGÜN
1. Lifelong Health Blockprogram - Health Across Lifespan
1.2. Lifelong Health Blockprogram - Pediatric Health and Diseases 
2. Surgical Diseases & Invasive Application Block Program
3. Reproductive Health Block Program
4. Professionalism and Counseling Program
5.  Evidence Based Medicine

6th Year Committe Coordinator Inst.Dr. Berfu Çerçi ÖNGÜN
1. Pediatric Health and Diseases
2. Internal Medicine
3. Community Health and Community Oriented Care Block
4. Emergency Medicine