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         2019 - 2020 JOINT DEGREE COMMITTEE PROGRAMS              

1st Year Committee Coordinators  and Advisors  

Assist. Prof.Dr. Ergül Mutlu ALTUNDAĞ  &  Prof.Dr. Mustafa AKKİPRİK  &  Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dilek AKAKIN 

Course Code:                       Course Name:

Y1C1 (MEDN110)      
Introduction to Cell and Cellular Replication    
Y1C2 (MEDN120)       
Cellular  Metabolism and  Transport   
Y1C3 (MEDN 130)     
Development and Organization of Human Body

Y1C4 (MEDN 140)     
Introduction to Nervous System and Human Behavior
ICS-I (MEDN 160)       
Introduction to Clinical Skills

2nd Year Committee Coordinators and Advisors  

 Assist.Prof. Dr. Masoud AFSHANI  & Assoc.Prof. Özgür Kasımay ÇAKIR & Assist.Prof. Burak AKSU

Y2C1 (MEDN  210)     
Cell  and Tissue Injury - I 
Y2C2 (MEDN 220)      
Cell and Tissue Injury -II  
Y2C3 (MEDN 230)       Hematopoietic System and Related Disorders
Y2C4 (MEDN 240)      
Musculoskeletal, Integumentary Systems and Related Disorders 
Y2C5 (MEDN 250)      
Respiratory System and Related Disorders
ICS-II (MEDN 260)      
Introduction to Clinical Skills

3rd Year Committee Coordinators  and Advisors

Assist.Prof.Dr. İlke Çetin AKÇAY & Assoc.Prof. Arzu Akşit İLKİ  & Assist.Prof. Pınar Mega TİBER 

Y3C1 (MEDN 310)      
Cardiovascular System and Related Disorders  
 Y3C2 (MEDN 320)       
Gastrointestinal System  Metabilism and Related Disorders
Y3C3 (MEDN 330)      
Nervous System and Related Disorders

 Y3C4 (MEDN 340)      
Growth, Development, Mental Health and Related Disorders

 Y3C5 (MEDN 350)      
Urinary and Reproductive System and  Related Disorders
 ICS-III (MEDN 360)    
Introduction to Clinical Skills

4th Year Committee Coordinator 

Assoc. Prof.Dr Amber EKER    

MEDN 400       
Orientation Program to Clinical Education 
 MEDN 402        
Internal Medicine I: Cardiology, Chest Medicine, Hematology  
 MEDN 403        
Internal Medicine II: Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology
MEDN 404      
Nerveous System & Mental Health and Related Disorders 
 MEDN 405      
Musculoskeletal System Health And Related Dısorders 
MEDN 407      
Professionalism and Counseling Program-1
MEDN 408      
MEDN 409        
MEDN  410      

   5th Year Committee Coordinator 

Assoc. Prof.Dr Amber EKER 

MEDN 502      
Phase 2: Pediatrics
MEDN 504      
Development of Lifelong Health 
MEDN 507      
Basic Surgical Disorders and Invasive Procedures
MEDN 508      
Specific Surgical Disorders and Invasive Procedures
MEDN 509      
Obstetrics and Gynecology
MEDN 511       
Reproductive Health and Urogenital System Disorders 
MEDN 512      
Professionalism and Counseling Program – II 

6th Year Committe Coordinator

Assoc. Prof.Dr Amber EKER 

MEDN 601      
 Phase 3: Internal Medicine 
MEDN 602      
Phase 3: Pediatrics
MEDN 603       
Emergency Medicine 
MEDN 605      
Public Health
MEDN 606      
 Primary Care
MEDN 607      
Community Health Research/Project 
MEDN 608      
Professionalism and Counseling Program – III