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Could you give some general information about education in Dr. Fazıl Küçük Faculty of Medicine?

Courses are thought in English at EMU Faculty of Medicine. Students who are admitted to our Faculty must take the English Language Proficiency Examination or submit an equivalent proof of exam scores (TOEFL, etc). Students who fail this exam have to attend the English Preparatory School for one year.

The first three years of education at the Faculty of Medicine will be taught at Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus). The resting three years will be at Marmara University (Turkey).

Our medical education programme features;

Phase I : Basic and Clinical Sciences from year 1 to 3

The education is based on an integrated curriculum. In this programme, systems within the human body are described from the simplest units such as the cell to more complex systems including pathologies, in subject committees. In Phase I, groups of subject committees form a whole curriculum for a given year. In addition there are other required courses such as Essential Clinician Training (ECS), Interactive Modules, Medical English and Elective Courses.

In Phase I, the curriculum consists of 17 subject committees; 5 in year 1, 6 in year 2 and 6 in year 3."

Which documents do I need for my application?

High school diploma

  •   GCE / GSCE / IGCSE/ TAWJIHI / WAEC / NECO / ABITURIYENT / SAT certificates (if available)
  •   Transcript (grade reports)
  •   Picture (3,5 x 4.5)
  •   A copy of the passport ID page                
How to apply to Dr. Fazıl Küçük Faculty of Medicine?

Prospective undergraduate international students should apply online through the following link

Where do I get information about accommodation and scholarship opportunities?

Please go to the link given below for your application and scholarship questions at EMU.

Also please note the contact numbers given below;

Faculty of Medicine, student and exam affairs office number +90 392 630 3820

Faculty of Medicine Deans office +90 392 630 1570

Regisatration Office number +90 392 630 1217

Regisatration Office Postal Address: Eastern Mediterranean University, Registrar's Office, Famagusta, T.R.North Cyprus via Mersin 10, Turkey

For your questions about dormitories and scholarships please visit the following pages. Detailed information is listed on these pages.



Why are the first three years of education taught at EMU and lasting three years will take place at Marmara University?

İstanbul, with a population around 7-10 million people, is a populous city which gives our students a chance to see a variety of patients and cases. Additionally the integrated system  applied with Marmara University meets the WHO (World Health Organization) accreditation criteria. This criteria can not be met in Cyprus with a population of 300-450 thousand people.

What is the integrated system?

The integrated system is executed based on the coordination between hours of learning and topics of courses. This system consists of courses (committees) and practical courses (PBL, ECS) in years 1,2 and 3. Years 1,2,3 constitutes a whole academic year and each committee is accepted as one course. In 4th, 5th and 6th years each training represents one course.

How can I transfer to EMU Dr. Fazıl Küçük Faculty of Medicine?

Transfers are  possible in accordance with "Regulations for transfers at associate and bachelor level at Institutions of Higher Education". Transfer decisions are taken by the Board of Directors of the Faculty depending on availability.

Could you give information about the capacity of classes?

Class capacities are sufficient to support the learning of all our students. Students will take common lectures. Laboratory (Practice) classes are also common.

What are the fees for newly registered students?

For detailed information about 3 packages, please go to the web page as shown below;

Why should you choose our faculty of medicine?

Our newly established Faculty dedicates all resources and opportunities to our students and it is architecturally structured in accordance with "OSCI – objective structured clinical examination" criteria. Our students can meet all of their educational needs in our well designed and fully equipped faculty and will be ready to proceed to their clinical education at Marmara University Faculty of Medicine. It is clear that our students will be feeling privileged to have received their education at EMU.

When can we get registered?

a. Our current students (going from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd grade) registration period is during the first week of classes.

b. For incoming students (new students to be registered), according to the academic calender, registration can be done on certain days during September. Announcements regarding registration dates are posted on 

I want to study at EMU Dr. Fazil Kucuk Faculty of medicine but I missed the registration date and I was unable to register. What are my options?

If the quota of registered students is filled you will have to wait until the next year. If there is available space, you may apply through the additional quota.

When will the additional quota be announced?

Every year, upon the completion of the pre-registration process, the additional quota is announced on a date that OSYM (öğrenci seçme ve yerleştirme merkezi / student selection and placement center) decides. The additional quota is "usually" announced during the first week of September. Once the additional quota is announced it is posted on  and

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