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Committees 2022-2023


1st Year Courses

Coordinators  and Advisors 

Assist. Prof.Dr. Ergül Mutlu ALTUNDAĞ 
Prof.Dr. Mustafa AKKİPRİK & Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dilek AKAKIN 

 Committee Codes and Names
  Y1C1 (MEDN110)

   Introduction To Cell And Cellular Replication

  Y1C2 (MEDN120)  

 Cellular Metabolism and Transport 

  Y1C3 (MEDN130)  Development and Organization of Human Body

  Y1C4 (MEDN140)   Introduction to Nervous System and Human Behavior

  ICS-I (MEDN 160)     Introduction to Clinical Skills 

2nd Year Courses

Coordinators  and Advisors 

Assist.Prof. Dr. Masoud AFSHANI  
Assoc.Prof. Özgür Kasımay ÇAKIR &Assist.Prof. Burak AKSU

 Committee Codes and Names

  Y2C1 (MEDN210) 
 Cell  and Tissue Injury - I 

 Y2C2 (MEDN220)   
 Cell and Tissue Injury - II

  Y2C3 (MEDN230)

Hematopoietic System and Related Disorders

 Y2C4 (MEDN 240) Musculoskeletal, Integumentary System and Related Disorders

 Y2C5 (MEDN 250) Respiratory System and Related Disorders

ICS-I (MEDN 260)    Introduction to Clinical Skills

3rd Year Courses

Coordinators  and Advisors 

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Amber EKER 
Prof. Arzu Akşit İLKİ  & Assoc.Prof. Pınar Mega TİBER 

  Committee Codes and Names

  Y3C1 (MEDN 310)   Cardiovascular System and Related Disorders  

 Y3C2 (MEDN 320) Gastrointestinal System,Metabolism and Related Disorders

 Y3C3 (MEDN 330)  

Nervous System and Related Disorders

Y3C4 (MEDN)   Growth, Development, Mental Health and Related Disorders

 Y3C5 (MEDN350)   Urinary and Reproductive System and  Related Disorders

ICS-I (MEDN 360)  Introduction to Clinical Skills 

4th  5th  6th    Year Courses Marmara Medicine

Coordinators  and Advisors 

Dr. Berfu Çerçi ÖNGÜN  

 Committee Codes and Names


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