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Cancer Registration Project in TRNC

International Association of Cancer Registries

As a part of the ongoing collaborative project titled 'TRNC Cancer Registry'  which is carried out in partnership between TRNC  Ministry of Health and EMU Dr. Fazıl Küçük Faculty of Medicine and funded by Republic of Turkey  Aid Commission, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mevhibe Hocaoğlu has attended CanReg Training organized by Republic of Turkey Cancer Department Directorate in İzmir on 9-11.11.2015.  The training covered data entry, storage, import, export, backup, frequency and filtering of data. CanReg is an open source tool to input, store, check and analyze cancer registry data developed by International Association of Cancer Registries. It has modules to do data entry, quality control, consistency checks and basic analysis of the data.   Through the 'TRNC Cancer Registry' project population based data will
be collected and used to describe and elucidate cancer occurrence in Cyprus.  Cancer data will be used to formulate an effective cancer control program based on prevention, early detection, treatment and palliative care in TRNC.


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