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EMU Connects to the Academic World Wireless Network with Eduroam Project

EMU Connects to the Academic World Wireless Network with Eduroam Project

EMU Speaks The Same Technological Language as 2 Billion People

Within the scope of their collaboration with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) has statarted to connect with the world via Eduroam (Education Roaming). EMU, which is a university with an international profile in terms of its student profile, academic staff and collaborations with international institutions, has set up the largest wireless eduroam internet network amongst Turkish universities after Ankara University ( The system that will be utilised by over 20 thousand EMU staff and students at the same time has 600 service points.

By using wireless network security standarts, eduroam aims for users of member institutions to use the networks of other education institutions. Therefore when EMU students or personnel go to an eduroam member university, they will be able to connect to the network and use the internet like at EMU. This collaboration allows academic personnel to use their EMU identity and password when connecting to eduroam at international universities collaborating with EMU. In turn, students and academic personnel from different countries will be able to connect to eduroam via EMU’s network by using their own identity and password when on the university’s campus. Eduroam is used by EMU for the first time amongst Turkish Cypriot universities.

Therofere EMU, a pioneer in technology and academia has once again got involved in a successful project, Eduroam.

What is Eduroam?

The eduroam project was started by The Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association  in 2002 with the aim of connecting  universities in Holland, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Croatia and England in the easiest and most secure manner. Today, eduroam connects academic institutions in 89 countries via wireless networks as a result of shared databases that allows the circulation of 2 billion identities. Despite being a European project, eduroam has gained traction all over the world and is used in institutions located in areas such as America, Australia, Canada and Africa. Therefore over 2 billion people can access the system free of charge with the same password in over 89 different countries. Further information about eduroam can be obtained from the website  .

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Published Date
September 21, 2017