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Dear 3rd year students, Your hospital visit will be on January 10 at 08.45.

Published Date: Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Please till friday ,make a list of names that will attend outpatient clinics as follows ( numbers are fixed, can not be changed):

2 students internal medicine Dr Eyüp Göksu

2 students internal medicine Dr Aysel Abi

3 students general surgery Dr Tevfik Eker

3 students neurology Dr Emine Akçin

2 students dermatology Dr Nevruz Tuğcu

2 students urology Dr Sadrettin Tuğcu

3 students ENT Head and Neck surgery Dr Mustafa Balcıoğlu

3 students pulmonology Dr Havva Yeşildağlı

2 students physical theraphy and rehabilitation Dr Aykut Üretici

2 students ophtalmology Dr Şifa Özbengi

2 obstetrics and gynecology Dr Salih Zeki

2 students ortopedics Dr Dağhan Doğruyol

2 students pediatrics Dr Sezin Debeş

4 students emergency department ( doctor will be stated later)


You should give/send the list to Maryam Bahari on Friday morning till 11.