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EMU Leaves World Giants Behind in the Area of International Relations

EMU Leaves World Giants Behind in the Area of International Relations
Published Date: Monday, 8 June 2020

According to the 2019-2020 Year World Area Listing prepared by the “University Ranking by Academic Performance” (URAP) within the remit of the Middle East Technical Unitversity’s (METU) Informatic Institute Research Laboratory (IIRL), the Eastern Mediterranan University (EMU) displayed the success of entering the top 100 in the area of International Relations, leaving some of the worlds best unversities behind. In this list, universities from 100 countries were evaluated based on the academic performance of the last 5 years, taking into account the articles and citations produced according to the field of science. According to the “61 Scientific Area Listings” announced by METU URAP Research Laboratory, 37 universties from Turkey with 36 works contributed to science achieved a place on the list. In the URAP scientific area listing, among the 61 areas, first place was taken by China in 20 areas, 20 by USA, 8 by Holland, 5 by England, 3 by France and 2 by Brazil, with 1 area each for Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

EMU Achieved 70th Place in the Area of International Relations

EMU, among the Turkish universities achieving the best rankings this year in the URAP World Area Rankings, took 70th place in the area of International Relations, succeeding in being within the first 100.  In a statement made by URAP President Ural Abulut, stated that the URAP list significantly influenced the decisions of candidates and their parents in choosing universities at home or abroad. Prof. Dr. Akbulut also stated that seeing Turkish Universities quickly rise in the world area listings is what everyone wants to see, and that anyone who wishes to examine the list in detail can do so by visiting.