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Dr. Oluwagbotemi Oluwaseun OLULADE Speech :

Dr. Oluwagbotemi Oluwaseun OLULADE Speech :
Published Date: Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Good morning dear rector,  the dean of our faculty , beloved professors and faculty members  , our family members, friends and my fellow graduating colleagues.

First i  want to thank  God for making this day possible. I want to appreciate our dean for all the love and support that she had shown to us over the years even after we moved to Istanbul she never missed an opportunity to see us and spend time with us. Thank you hocam. To our highly esteemed faculty members and professors who not only gave us their best in teaching us but also opened their hearts to us, i say thank you most especially to you Berfu hocam.

This next set of people i would like to appreciate i would like to call the wind beneath our sails, these ones not only believed in us when we started this journey 6 years ago but also invested and made a lot of sacrifices for it. They are our true heroes without capes. To our parents i say thank you. To our friends thank you for being a great support system and lastly to my fellow graduants i want to say thank you for making this journey a beautiful one.

My journey as a medical student has been a long one filled with so many lessons. But briefly i would like to mention a few lessons i learnt. Not to worry this would not become a medical lecture, but these lessons are so important to me, because i learnt them from my colleagues.

In no particular order-  i learnt from Cemil the true meaning  of selfless service. It is not just about the service you render but also about the emotion behind it

From Merghan- i learnt perseverance, in life even if two people have the same destination, the journey might be more difficult for one of them. I know it wasn't easy but girl your are a warrior.

from Merve- i learnt the hospitality- the cypriot hospitality. The people are what make a society and Cyprus is what it is because of the warm hearted people it has in it

From Zeynep- i learnt how to handle things with ease. You don't always have to over work yourself.  Learn to Take things easy 

From Salen- i learnt how to quickly adapt and make the best of all situations regardless of the outcomes

from Emeka- i learnt that other things apart from medicine such as music and celebrity news are also important. You need a balance in life.

From muhammad- kanka we spent the most time together and fought almost the same wars. I learnt discipline and consistency even when it comes to the smallest things 

From Angela- i learnt that strength and will power is not determined by my dna. As a woman i am always an advantage to my society and i have equal potential as my male counterparts to be great

From Maji i learnt not to be afraid to fail. Failure is never the end. It is simply what you make of it. It is painful to fail but it is a pain that becomes a learning experience. If it happens more than once keep rising up from it. There are no limits to picking yourself up.

Lastly  my personal lesson from this journey is that- God is real-  in the words of the famous psalmist - David "yea though i walk through the valley of shadow of death i would fear no evil. For though art with me..." 

In closing these lessons i believe would help us chart the courses of our lives. Lets learn to selflessly serve humanity, lets perserve through hardships, lets learn to be more accomodating of other cultures and nationalities , let us take things with ease and make the best of every situation we find ourselves, try to find a balance in life, be disciplined and consistent, remember we all have equal potential to be great regardless of our sex and failure is what you make of it.

Thank you everyone for being here. Congratulations guys we made it.