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First Year Students

Dear 1st year students,

This year's White Coat Ceremony is on March 14, 2018, Wednesday. This ceremony is your initiation and matriculation to become a medical doctor and we would like to see your family among us to honour and witness your special day.

Every year, many students compete and two are selected by a committee to deliver 5 minute speeches during this prestigious ceremony. The speeches could be in Turkish or English. Usually we select one in each language.

If you would like to be considered as one of the speakers please prepare and submit your speech to first year coordinator Ergul Mutlu Altundag hand-written or via email no later than February 27, Tuesday. If short-listed, you will be notified on February 28th, and be expected to perform your speech in front of the selection committee during lunch break on March 1, 12.30-13.30. The most original and interesting speeches will be selected.


Prepare speech of 5 minute duration on one of the following questions:

-What do you think is the most important health challenge facing the world/your country today? As a medical doctor, what will you do about it?

-Dr. Jane Goodall said: 'The greatest danger to our future is apathy.' What do you think?

Your speech should also include your thoughts and feelings on some of the following as well:

-What is your life like as a medical student?

-How should a good medical education be?

-Why do you want to be a medical doctor? What does it mean to you to be a doctor?

-How does wearing a white coat make you feel today?

I am looking forward to receiving your speech. Thank you.


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February 2, 2018