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Faculty of Medicine provides a 6-year medical degree programme with the most modern approaches at a world class standard. The 6-year programme is composed 2 phases. Phase 1 is constituted of 3 years of Medical Sciences, Introduction to Clinical Skills and Problem Based Learning teaching to provide future doctors with essential skills and knowledge that will underpin the clinical practice for lifetime.

The education system is based on integrated teaching model containing 'organ and theme-based courses' which are named as 'committees'. The teaching handles cell, tissue and organ systems and disorders as a whole with related scientific fields. For instance, 'Cardiovascular System and Related Disorders'  is taught with its related basic medical and clinical science subjects such as Anatomy, Histology, Cardiology, Clinical Pharmacology, Nuclear Medicine, Biochemistry etc. in a certain setting, simultaneously with related practical classes in one committee which lasts for about 8 weeks.

Our faculty is in collaboration with Marmara University Medical Faculty, leading 'the International Medical Degree Programme'. Phase 2 includes clinical education and practice in affiliated hospital of Marmara University, accredited by UTEAK  (National Medical Teaching Accreditation Board). The whole programme is taught in English language and the students are required to learn basic Turkish to communicate with the patients

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