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Evaluation of Turkish propolis for its chemical composition, antioxidant capacity, anti-proliferative effect on several human breast cancer cell lines and proliferative effect on fibroblasts and mouse mesenchymal stem cell line.        27 September 2018   


Stereologic and ultrastructural comparison of human and rat amniotic membrane wrapping for rat sciatic nerve repair.                        November 2018

The Role of Proteasome in the Cell Cycle Progression of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells..                                                         December 2018 

Effects of Quercetin and Curcumin Combination on Signal Transduction Pathways in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cells†

7 December 2018

Putting It All Together to Understand the Role of Malassezia spp. in Dandruff Etiology.

December 2018

Sleeping Disorders and Anxiety in Academicians:A Comparative Analysis


Stochastic Simulation-based Prediction of the Behavior of the p16-mediated Signaling Pathway

April 2018


Karbapenemaz Enzimleri: Türkiyedeki Durum Üzerine Bir Derleme
Carbapenemase Enzymes: A Review on Situation at Turkey


Clinical and Laboratory Features of Six Cases of Candida and Dermatophyte Folliculitis and a Review of Published Studies.                2016

2012 Cancer Statistic Report in TRNC